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Medicinal chemistry of natural compounds

The group is currently addressing, in particular, application, medical and chemical-biological issues of selected natural substances. We deal with the isolation of natural products from natural materials and the preparation of analogues of medically popent substances. The products of our work are intended for testing a specific biological activity or application potential in (bio)analytical methods.

Our main portfolio includes chemistry of: steroid compounds (estradiol, androgens, cardiotonics), mitotic inhibitors (colchicine, taxol), SERCA inhibitors (trilobolide and thapsigargin) and antimalarials (artemisinin), maturation inhibitors HIV-1 (bevirimat).

The group also focuses on the synthesis of fluorophores and fluorescently labeled natural substances. Our favorite fluorophores include BODIPY, but we also work with cyanine and xanthene dyes. This category also includes the conjugation of natural substances with photosensitizers based again on BODIPY, natural chlorins, bacteriochlorins and porphyrins. These products are useful tools for studying the fate of natural substances in living cells using fluorescence microscopy or as potential drugs in photodynamic therapy.

In general, we like to synthesize labeled molecules. These derivatives of natural substances may be important as tools useful in proteomics (biotinylated derivatives, PROTACs). This cathegory includes the preparation of haptens for immunochemical methods.

The link to the publications representing the results of our work is located in the box on the right.

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