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We offer an undergraduate bachelor degree program as well as a master degree program in the Czech language only. For information about study programs in English, please visit the university's website.

Study with us

We offer the research degree program Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organic Chemistry.

Why study for a PhD at our department?

You will become a member of an internationally recognised research team providing high quality research. You will develop the skills and the knowledge needed to pursue your chosen career—in academia, at research organizations, or in public service.

How to apply?

Our prospective student portal provides details about the application process for PhD programmes at UCT Prague. 

Our past graduates

Battaglia Caren Bc. (Master Double Degree)

Abdulmanea Khaled Saleh Omar, MSc., PhD (Yemen): Flavonoids in the Apiaceae family (2012)

Irekhjargal Jambal, MSc., PhD (Mongolia): Inhibitors of galactosyltransferases (2012)

Our present students

Uladzimir Bildziukevich, MSc. (Belarus): Steroid-based compounds with potential pharmacologic importance

Jana Šusteková, Ing. (Slovakia): Self-assembly in supramolecular systems based on steroid compounds

Joint-degree doctoral programme graduates

Ing. Ondřej Jurček, PhD (Czechia): Steroid conjugates for applications in pharmacology and biology (2011), with the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Ing. Helena Heissigerová, PhD (Czechia): Glycosyltransferases: Etude comparative, modelisation moleculaire et synthese de nouveaux inhibiteurs (2003), with the Université Joseph Fourier – Grenoble, France


9 We accept students within the framework of the IAESTE exchange programme.

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